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´╗┐Vitas Spas promotes healthy living and balanced lifestyle. During the design phase of their products, they focused on the rejuvenation that hot tubs can provide. This brand is all about the hydrotherapy experience.

But is Vita Spas really one of the best hot tub brands? And with so many different series in VitaSpas' lineup, how do you narrow it down?

We're here to help!

Dive in with us as we explore 4 of Vita Spas' best series, helping you to make an informed decision on whether or not the Vita Spa company will suit your needs.


Our Top Choices For Vita Spas

Vita Spa 100 Series Review

1. Vita Spa 100 Series

  • The Cost-Effective Option
  • Plug & Play Feature
  • 4-5 Person Capacity
  • Includes 22-27 Jets
  • Vita Spa 300 Series Review

    2. Vita Spa 300 Series

  • The Mid-Range Option
  • Multiple Massage Features
  • 2-7 Person Capacity
  • Includes 23-43 Jets
  • Vita Spa 500 Series

    3. Vita Spa 500 Series

    • The High-End Option
    • Smart Touch II Controls
    • AquaGlo Lighting
    • 3-7 Person Capacity
    • Includes 20-54 Jets
    Vita Spa 700 Series Review

    4. Vita Spa 700 Series

  • The Luxurious Option
  • Dual Filtration System
  • Most Features
  • 6-7 Person Capacity
  • Includes 57-78 Jets

  • Not sure which hot tub to get? Let us help you!

    Vita Spa Prices

    Vita Spa sells its wide range of hot tubs through a long list of dealers. It's actually quite impressive how many people sell this brand. However, as a result, you have a huge variance in pricing. 

    Therefore, Vita Spa does not openly display their pricing on their website and the only way to get an accurate read on how much this may cost you is to ask your local dealer yourself and get a quote from them.

    After having reviewed several different dealers we can establish that their prices are fairly mid-range, leaning neither to the cheapest nor most expensive hot tubs.

    As an estimate, the low end of Vita Spa hot tubs may cost you about $7,000 whereas the high end will likely be about $13,000.

    However, you should take into account that these prices may vary depending on the state in which you reside, and you also need to calculate the delivery and installation costs. 

    To learn more about dealer prices in your area and save time and money by getting access to multiple quotes at once, click the button below!

    Vita Spa Models

    With almost 20 hot tub models to choose from along with several additional swim spas, Vita Spa has a decent selection from which you can choose. Now we will take a look at the main 4 hot tub series and what explain what sets them apart from each other. 

    Once we break down what each series has to offer, you'll have a good idea about which series best suits you and your family, and can go on to chose a model from that series.

    Vita Spa 100 Series

    The 100 series are Vita Spas' most basic models. These come with a plug-and-play feature, making them easy to install and use as soon as you get them home. 

    Within this series you have 2 models to choose from, the Image: Small Couples 4 Person Hot Tub and the Voeux: Medium Family 5 Person Hot Tub. Though suitable for 4-5 people, this series is advertised as being ideal for couples who want a relaxing retreat. 

    With 22-27 jets, various aesthetic options, and reclined seating, these are nice easy hot tubs to buy and enjoy even if you are on a budget. The Vita Spa 100 series sit at a reasonable price and are the most cost-effective option out of the entire available Vita Spa selection. 

    Vita Spa 300 Series

    As a large step up from the 100 series, the 300 series comes with even more models to choose from. The 5 models within this series are the Armour, Elegant, Intrigue, Luxe, and Sensation, and they range from 2-7 person capacity. 

    Several options within this series come with calf or foot massage features and a petrissage massage seat making them great for different types of hydrotherapy massage treatments. 

    Though their smallest model is shown to be a couples hot tub, most of their models are medium to large family sizes with 23-43 

    Jets. This makes them great for those who want to be a bit more social and share this amazing hydrotherapy experience with friends and family.

    4 out of 5 of these hot tubs also include a lounger seat, giving you the most relaxing seating out there. 

    Vita Spa 500 Series

    With a capacity of 3-7 people and 7 hot tub models to choose from, the 500 series caters to almost everyone. There are plenty hot tub models in this series to accommodate larger families. Their models include the Envie, Grand, Joli, Monarque, Prestige, Salon, and the Trio.

    The Vita Spa 500 series offer 20-54 jets, all of the same features as the 300 series plus a fair few more. Notable within this series is the Smart Touch II control panel which allows you to monitor and adjust your massage experience, lighting, and temperature. You can also set your own preset configurations as to how you want 

    everything set up making your hot tub that much easier to use.

    Another pleasing feature is the AquaGlo which includes lighted cascading water, cupholders, controls, therapy, and contour pillows. This additional lighting makes the 500 series stand out from the crowd as a modern machine of aesthetic wonder but it also aids in your relaxation as you can set the mood via the available color options. 

    This series also includes a solid metal frame instead of a wooden one, an improved thermal barrier for enhanced energy efficiency, and it comes with a lifetime warranty on the insulation system. 

    This is a feature-heavy series with more massage, relaxation, and aesthetic options than its predecessors. If you are looking for something a bit beyond the basic hot tub, then this might be what you are looking for.

    Vita Spa 700 Series

    Now we come to the boss. These are the royalty of Vita Spas hot tubs with all the high quality features. With the Smart Touch II controls, AquaGlo lighting, Steel frame, upgraded thermal barrier, and lifetime insulation warranty, they have all the features you might expect from a high-class luxury hot tub. 

    There's even more - the most important aspect of this series is its dual filtration system. With both the CleanZone and CleanZone Ultra, these spas use both ozone and UV lighting to keep your water free from harmful bacteria. This filtration system is sometimes used for drinking water and it

    will keep your hot tub water crystal clear while minimizing the amount of chemicals the owners need to add.

    The 700 series has 5 options to choose from including the Cabaret, Mystique, Rendezvous, Riviera, and Vivre. These models range from 6-7 Person Capacity and have 57-78 Jets. Besides the other massage features that the other series have already covered, the 700 series also has a rotator cuff massage, a neck relief station, and an effleurage seat with a blue water jet.

    These are large and luxurious spas only for those that want the best of the best with all the most elaborate features. We recommend this series for buyers looking to host large groups of people and that want to bring some lavish splendor into their lives. 

    Why Choose Vita Spas?  

    When considering buying a hot tub one of the most pressing concerns is how long it will run for and what you can do if it suddenly stops working. Thankfully there is a huge range of parts and accessories easily available online for the Vita Spas lineup, along with manuals for these hot tubs making repair extremely easy.

    Vita Spas reviews show that a lot of people choose to repair these hot tubs themselves since the parts and instructions are so readily available. Their built-in error codes also diagnose the issue for you so you just need to use the manual to see what the error code means and you will know how to fix it. 

    As for its reliability, sometimes the best way to know how reliable they really are is to review their warranty. In this regard, Vita Spas excels. With the purchase of one of their hot tubs, you get a lifetime warranty against structural defects, a 10-year surface warranty, a 5-year component warranty, and a 2-year warranty for the cabinet. Buyers can rest easy, knowing the high quality features of their Vita Spa hot tub are ensured to last.

    The superb insulation system and included premier styled cover not only help keep energy costs down, but also ensures freeze protection. For those looking for family size, look no further, as some models have up to seven seats and others offer enough room to comfortably fit five adults.


    Competing Alternatives

    If you have made it this far but Vita Spas just doesn't feel right then don't worry, there are plenty more fish in the sea, or in this case, many more hot tubs on the market. 

    We recommend that you scour around for the absolute best option so that you can be 100% satisfied and content with your purchase. 

    If you are looking for something hardy, durable, and that can stand the test of time, then have a look at Strong Spas.

    Alternatively, if you want something more deluxe, review the models included within Bullfrog Spas.



    Final Verdict

    Vita Spas has been producing hot tubs since 1974. As one of the top brands on the market today, Vita Spas are lifestyle option spas designed with hydrotherapy massage in mind and the majority of hot tub buyers report a wonderful hot tub experience. They offer mid-range and reasonable prices along with a good selection of models and features, and come with that classic hot tub layout.

    These are spas designed to contribute directly to a healthy mind and body. With sublime relaxation, numerous seating arrangements, and 19 models to choose from, it is likely that you will find the hot tub that suits your needs. Most even provide enough room for five adults to lounge in comfort.

    Our recommended series would have to be the 500 series as it combines many of the amazing features together without going too far beyond a reasonable price range. The 500 series offers options for couples looking for an intimate hot tub experience, yet also presents more innovative designs for large families.

    With almost 40 years of hot tub construction and sale, Vita Spa is a reliable and well-known brand that has made its way to becoming one of the top hot tub brands available.

    These hot tubs are sold through a wide range of dealers, all whom offer different pricing on the exact same models.  Save yourself hours of calling around, and click the button below!  You'll be offered the lowest quotes and end up getting an excellent deal on the ideal hot tub for you.

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