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Wellis Spas are made with the highest-quality materials, provide superior hydrotherapy and offer a luxury experience.

Of course, with so many great hot tubs throughout the Wellis Spas lineup, finding the right one for your needs can be challenging.

We're glad you found us. We're here to answer the questions you have about this brand so you can make a well-informed buying decision.

Let's dive in!

Our Top Choices For Wellis Hot Tubs


1. Olympus

  • Best For large parties
  • 88 jets
  • Two dual lounger seats

2. Taurus

  • Most versatile
  • 52 jets
  • Ozone filtration

3. Paris

  • Best For smaller spaces
  • 40 jets
  • Corner LED lighting
Rio Grande W-Flow

4. Rio Grande W-Flow

  • Best For fitness
  • 40 jets
  • Patented W-Flow system

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Wellis Hot Tub Prices

As with many hot tub manufacturers, Wellis doesn't advertise its prices online for its new hot tub or swim spa models.

Depending on the model, the features, and the dealer, your average new hot tub will cost around $10,000 to $15,000.

If you're shopping for your first hot tub, keep in mind that having a new hot tub installed and wired properly requires hiring a licensed electrician, which will add to the overall cost.

Wellis Swim Spa Prices

Because Wellis swim spas are larger and require more construction materials, they have a higher price tag. Pricing starts at $15,000.

If you're looking to find the lowest Wellis spa prices, contacting dealers is the way to go. But if you want to save time, click the button below. Our FREE service provides quotes on spas from reputable dealers in your area. Quotes are completely free and are based on your personal spa preferences.

The 4 Most Popular Wellis Models


The Peak Line is the most feature-rich category of the Wellis Spas hot tub lineup, offering three premium models, of which the Olympus is the biggest.

This Wellis hot tub comfortably seats up to nine people, perfect for those who want to host large hangouts in their backyard.

The layout includes two lounger seats and seven traditional seats, carefully designed for comfort.

You'll find several fountain jets and ergonomically designed massage jets placed throughout the tub. These massage jets provide total relaxation to melt the stress away.


The Taurus Wellis hot tub model is the perfect high-quality model for those who want luxury features without paying luxury prices. The Taurus is one of the few hot tub models in the My Line hot tub lineup, which has multiple affordable models with exciting innovations tailored to relaxation.

Features of this hot tub include ozone filtration and ergonomic jets. We love the wood paneling look on the cabinetry, which makes for a classier look.

With more than enough room for up to six people, there's space for the whole family to enjoy warm water hydrotherapy.


The Paris hot tub might be one of the most commonly seen models in the Wellis lineup, delivering a number of luxury features and a sleek, modern design.

One design characteristic that we can't get enough of is the corner LED lighting. It's perfect for adding ambiance to your backyard, as well as safety for after-dark soaks.

The injection-molded consoles provide plenty of support, and the hydrotherapy jets provide the deepest, full-body massage you could ever want. With added calf massage jets, you truly get a complete body massage.

There are seven seats found in the Paris hot tub model, giving you enough room to call over the entire crew, making it just as good as a hot tub for parties as it is for chill time.

Rio Grande W-Flow

You can't mention a list of great swim spas without talking about the magical Rio Grande W-Flow.

This all-rounder swim spa has some of the highest-rated features available on the market. The swimming capabilities provide all the benefits of a traditional pool and more.

Whether you want to relax or get a good workout in, there are plenty of ways to utilize the Rio Grande W-Flow.

One of the biggest selling points of this unique model is the integrated W-Flow system, delivering one of our favorite current systems on the market. Users get total control over the current speed with the spa's six-speed adjustability, allowing you to walk, swim, or flow. With total customizability, the Rio Grande W-Flow is a fitness machine that caters to the user.

When you're finished with your workout, you can hop into the tub portion of the swim spa to take advantage of jets which provide an amazing recovery hydrotherapy experience.


Plenty of Customization Options

No matter what hot tub you choose, Wellis offer plenty of customization options to help users find the right features for their needs. Whether you're looking for spacious seating, quality hydrotherapy jets, or ozone filtration, you can find it in a new model from Wellis.

High-End Designs

It's clear that Wellis puts a lot of love into their hot tub designs, tailoring all of the features toward the consumer. You can get premium features without breaking the bank, bringing the lap of luxury into your own home at a reasonable cost.

One aspect that Wellis prides itself on is the highly-durable materials used in spa construction. With such long-lasting spa models, it's no wonder why the company has become one of the leading European spa brands.


Tight Seating

When you compare hot tub models from Wellis with those from American hot tub brands, one of the aspects you'll notice is that the seats are relatively small. If you're a small person, it might not be the biggest disadvantage, though larger guests may not feel the most comfortable.

We highly recommend testing Wellis hot tubs at your local dealership and feel out the seating for yourself.

How Do Wellis Hot Tubs Stack Up To The Competition?

Bullfrog Spas

Another hot tub brand that exudes luxury is Bullfrog Spas. The company has been around since 1996 and has become one of the leaders in premium hot tub manufacturing. While the company offers hot tubs that utilize full-foam insulation, unique waterfall features, and ultra-durable cabinetry, Bullfrog is probably best known for its JetPak Therapy system, which makes use of 17 interchangeable JetPaks for a totally customizable hydrotherapy massage.

Bullfrog has an excellent warranty program, with a 7-10-year warranty for the shell, a 5-year warranty for the jets, cabinetry, and equipment, a 3-year warranty for the cover, and a 1-year warranty for the lighting, audio, and ozone cleaning system.

While Bullfrog does not list prices for its spas online, these hot tubs cost between $7,000 and $20,000.


Thermospas is another popular spa company with a wide range of spas to choose from and an even greater number of potential customizations. Thermospas has been in the business since 1983 and utilizes insulating blankets and cast acrylic/patented panels to make their tubs as energy-efficient as possible.

The brand has models that can accommodate two to ten people, depending on your needs, and some of the best and most thorough customization options in the business.

Thermospas has excellent customer service and an incredibly helpful staff. The majority of customers are extremely happy with their purchases.

Similar to Bullfrog Spas, Thermospas also offers one of the industry's best warranties, with a 20-year warranty for the structure. While Thermospas does not list prices for its spas online, you can expect to pay anywhere between $5,000 and $19,000 for a Thermospas model.

The Final Verdict

Wellis has long been one of the top manufacturers of European spas, utilizing innovative designs and quality jets that provide amazing massages. You'll find great customer service and even better prices for the features that you get.

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